Puppies 2003

On Friday 26th of September 2003 Matty had her puppies which were 2 girls and 2 boys.

Sire is Semalda Chasing Rainbows "Chase" owned and bred by 
Lesley and Adam Chappell 
at present is Top Stud Dog (Great Dane) 2003. Chase has the correct confirmation and superb kind, gentle temperament that we look for in our perspective studs.

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1 week puppies
2 weeks puppies3 weeks puppies4 weeks puppies

Puppies are 5 weeks old in these photos.

Puppies are 7 weeks old in these photos.

 Axeford Mercury "Oliver" at 9 weeks old.


Axeford Phantom "Oscar " at 9 weeks old.


New homes.
Bunny looks like she has settled very well with her new family with one smaller than her and one bigger than her.



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